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Cape May, NJ 08204

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The history of Beachcomber Campground is a reflection of
the camping business in America.

Beachcomber Campground opened for business in 1975, at a time
when camping was in it's infancy in America.  There were many
campgrounds, but most were small "Mom & Pop" operations.

Camping for the most part, was a rustic & rural experience for those who
wanted to "get away from it all".  There was no cable TV, no telephones,
no microwaves, or three season screen rooms! You were lucky to have
a small camper, with electricity & water available on the campsite.

Beachcomber was opened as a destination campground.
Cape May County was a beautiful location near the ocean & bay, within
 easy driving distance of New York, North Jersey, Philadelphia,
Washington DC & Delaware.

Since Beachcomber was built from scratch, the developers,
Tom & Claire Brodesser, toured many campgrounds in the Northeast,
in order to develop the "perfect" campground, on the site of a
former mining operation.

The centerpiece of the campground was a 3 1/2 acre spring-fed lake. 
As a result of Tom & Claire's campground tour, Pool #1, the Pavilion &
the main playground were at the center of the campground, & all of the
sites were constructed around the lake.

Beachcomber opened in the summer of 1975, as a 295 site campground. 
The entire campground, at the time, is now the Commodore's Quarters. 
Reviews were very positive & the first season was overwhelmingly
sucessful.  Tom & Claire never looked back or rested on their Laurels. 
Claire worked on developing repeat clientele.  These repeat clientele
became "seasonal" campers.  It is these seasonal campers that are the
backbone of Beachcomber.

In the early days of Beachcomber, camping was, well, camping. 
There were many small camping units, pop up campers & tents. People
stayed for a week or two at a time, once or twice in the summer.  In the
mid-1980's, the camping business took on a dramatic change when 
"slide-outs" & Park Models began rolling off the manufacturer's assembly
 lines.  These changes turned small camping units in to camping cottages
& eventually into today's second homes!  Fortunately, Beachcomber was
 built with over sized sites, which could handle these large "homes". 
Current "Park Models" have double lofts, microwaves, fireplaces,
flat screen TV's with HD cable & internet.  A screen room enclosure is
added to most units, which results in a "small home at the shore."   

Expansion of Beachcomber came in 1984 with the Captain's Quarters". 
In 1988, the lake was expanded by 1 1/2 acres, to a total of 5 acres, as it
currently is today.  The "Admiral's Quarters" was added in 1991.  Due
to these & other improvements, Beachcomber changed its name from
"Beachcomber Campground" to "Beachcomber Camping Resort" in
1990, to better reflect the all encompassing facility
Beachcomber had become.

The second generation of the Brodesser Family has already been working to improve Beachcomber and make it the best facility it can be! Tammy (Brodesser) Gomez worked at the campground in the late 70's & early 80's.  After a stint in college & the home building business, she re-joined the operation in the mid 1990's.

Ken Gomez, Tammy's husband, joined the campground in 1988,
after law school, & has worked with Tom on the expansion &
reconstruction of the campground.

Beachcomber has become a place where families come to make
memories.  We have many second & third generation camping families
here.  Our goal is to provide camping & enjoyment of the outdoors for
many years to come.  In fact, the third generation of the Brodesser Family,
 Mark & Mary Gomez, are already at work at Beachcomber, learning the
 business from the ground up!

We would like to express our thanks to all of the employees of
Beachcomber, past & present, who have working so hard over the years
to help make Beachcomber the great place it is today!  MOST
IMPORTANTLY, we would like to thank all of our campers who continue
to enjoy Beachcomber as their family vacation destination. 

History of BC

About your hosts...
We are an independent, family owned camping resort run by
the second generation of the founding family.
(The 3rd generation is gainfully employed here as well!)
The owners live on site, year round,
to address your camping needs.